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This is preview release of a collection of utilities for sign language interpreters. It includes

  • count time timer that can synchronize between two devices,
  • time card that documents arrivals and departures that may be imported to an Excel file, and
  • word look up feature for those terms your partner stumbles on in an assignment.

Libraries and Third Party Software:

This project is itself open source and itself uses other libraries and services including:

  • DuckDuckGo’s API to look up terms,
  • Google’s chart API to build QR codes,
  • Google’s AppEngine that runs code to sync timers,
  • OpenClipArt.com to provide occasional graphics, and
  • Android Query (AQuery)

Your Data, Privacy, and Access:

DuckDuckGo and Google have their own privacy policies and are generally regarded as trusted industry names.

Data sent to DuckDuck go includes your device’s IP and the term which you’re searching. Data sent to Google (by my software) includes your device’s IP address, a hash of your unique ID for your android device (to sync timers and build a QR code).

TerpTools2 may write temporary files. It will save your time card information to a CSV (comma separated value) file on your SD card. This CSV file can be imported into Excel, LibreOffice, or any spreadsheet or office software. Find this file in /sdcard/TerpTools2/. You can use this file to start your (monthly) invoice.

General Terms of Service

There is NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND with the use of this service. No network service is guaranteed to work at any given moment. A network connection is required for services such as timer sync and term look up. This is a pre-release version of this software. That is, please use it but don’t solely depend on this.