Android accessibility

Recent conversations around my circles have led me into thinking about Android accessibility both native code, web, and packaged web applications. I’m using this post as a note taking scheme for myself and anyone who may stumble upon it. I’ll update this post as I find more.

Native code

“Latest Android Accessibility Features for Smartphones and Tablets”
A youtube video, which you should start after the 11 minute mark to avoid house keeping stuff demonstrates the accessibility interaction with TalkBack. This was filmed in 2013 and given Android fragmentation, your mileage may vary.


This appears tobe a great library to install inside a PhoneGap/Cordova App. It gives the developer some JavaScript level awareness of what accessibility features may be turned on.


Drupal 7 and accessibility

Drupal 7, two new system classes to improve accessibility

I just came across this article in which Drupal 7 provides two classes in the theme layer to help design for screen readers. One hides from sighted users but still allows a screen reader to access the content. The other shows the content when a user tabs over to it.

Two separate classes have been defined, one to be used for elements that cannot receive focus, and a second for elements that can receive focus. When a focusable element is styled with the .element-invisible.element-focusable class it will appear visually when it receives focus. This is to help keyboard users to not lose the system focus into an invisible black hole.