Technology and TerpTools

The TerpTimer is a utility under development for mobile browsers that helps sign language interpreters (and others) track teamed assignments. Given the erratic schedules and locations, I’ve also added a logger to help individuals keep track of time like a ‘personal time card.’


Main Screen for Terp Tools

Main Screen for Terp Tools.

I’ve decided to break out functionality between the Timer and Logger. New tools will be added under this main screen. Perhaps we’ll brand this as TerpTools.

This has been a very fun project so far, using jQuery Mobile and many of the newer APIs included around the HTML5 spec: SQLlite, geo-location, and session storage to name a few. At present the most useful, is offline access. That is, even if you don’t have internet connectivity at the moment, this application will still work. It merely requires an initial sync with the browser memory, and it will continue to function (record data).

Though real value may be seen by doing something with your data. That is the next step in this project. Stay tuned for more details.

TerpTimer’s Logger

The TerpTimer Logger area now shows the last 10 entries logged for the workday. It includes a time stamp, GPS coordinate, and activity.

The TerpTimer Logger area now shows the last 10 entries logged for the workday. It includes a time stamp, GPS coordinate, and activity. Activities are still up for debate at the moment. At current they include two main categories Transit and Job Site and sub categories Arrived, In transit, and Departing Future development may lead to custom activities that an interpreter or agency could preset.

The idea is to use this data for a number of things. Once the data is exported and GPS coordinates mapped, a freelance interpreter could reconstruct the workday for easier billing and schedule tracking. Agencies might find use for this data in the arrogate and resource deployment.

Future development will include an export feature to one’s desktop. Other thoughts include  showing the last three to five locations pinned to a map on the handheld.

TerpTimer, progress and screen shots

Various interpreters requested additional features such as

  1. The ability to adjust the time interval between shifts
  2. A method to quickly add or subtract time during the count down
  3. and, a log to keep track of your daily activities for easier billing

As you may see below, I’ve attempted to add these features. The following are screen shots taken from the Android emulator. Because this is designed using HTML5 standards (jQueryMobile and SQLite), this application should work across any modern mobile or desktop browser.

TerpTimer counting down

At this stage, the code is still in development but I hope to have a wider release soon. But the for the time being, I’d still like feed back from other interpreters.