Author: Richard

TerpTimer, progress and screen shots

Various interpreters requested additional features such as

  1. The ability to adjust the time interval between shifts
  2. A method to quickly add or subtract time during the count down
  3. and, a log to keep track of your daily activities for easier billing

As you may see below, I’ve attempted to add these features. The following are screen shots taken from the Android emulator. Because this is designed using HTML5 standards (jQueryMobile and SQLite), this application should work across any modern mobile or desktop browser.

TerpTimer counting down

At this stage, the code is still in development but I hope to have a wider release soon. But the for the time being, I’d still like feed back from other interpreters.


Digital Habits vs. the RID Code of Professional Conduct

The first tenet of the RID Code of Professional Conduct (CPC) states that interpreters “adhere to standards of confidential communication” by locking file cabinets and shredding paper. However, what happens to data that resides on an interpreter’s smart phone calendar, in an email saved to a browser’s cache, or on discarded networked servers? When such items are lost, stolen, or discarded, will traces of data betray the privacy of our clients? Even deleted files are easily recovered with minimal effort (Brandt, 2006).