Month: February 2013

My workspace


It’s always nice to be reminded of our greater goals — to know why we work. I love what I do on a daily basis, be it Drupal or ASL interpreting. Surrounding the warm purplish hue of Ubuntu’s login screen is my daughter’s drawings, a Aria Landmark cheat sheet, and a listing of Drupal hook functions.


Drupal 7 and accessibility

Drupal 7, two new system classes to improve accessibility

I just came across this article in which Drupal 7 provides two classes in the theme layer to help design for screen readers. One hides from sighted users but still allows a screen reader to access the content. The other shows the content when a user tabs over to it.

Two separate classes have been defined, one to be used for elements that cannot receive focus, and a second for elements that can receive focus. When a focusable element is styled with the .element-invisible.element-focusable class it will appear visually when it receives focus. This is to help keyboard users to not lose the system focus into an invisible black hole.