TerpTimer, Synchronized

A fellow interpreter suggested  to have multiple copies of TerpTimer synchronized so that team interpreters don’t have to depend on one device. Well, I have the start to this under development and I’m releasing today to the Android App Market.

To use it,  enable this feature through the App Prefs. If you don’t wish to use it, no worries — no data is transmitted unless you check the box and save the settings.  It is important to state I’m just testing this. No warranties or guaranties are implied or offered.

How it works (so far): When the application starts, it generates a pseudo-random device ID.  If TerpTimer has permission from the App preferences, it will transmit the following the count down, your device (or browser’s) time, and device ID to an application on Google’s AppEngine running an instance of OpenBD. To share the information, TerpTimer gives you a URL via a QR code. Your team interpreter can scan this code to see a webpage containing a near-synchronized countdown.

More updates are to come of course, but I wanted to release this to begin gathering information on how interpreters will use this in the field. As always comments are welcome!