Holy mother buzzer

So I’ve added an audible alert to when the clock hits zero. This is controlled through the application’s preferences by a check box shown to the left here.

Coding was interesting for this because I throw most settings into the Session Storage scope, which as of now only saves information as strings. I struggled a bit with this thinking I was saving a boolean variable. But I digress.

For documentation, sharing, and my own learning process, I want to show significant code bits here. The first bit occurs early on during the init process. I bind the check box to the following function. The variable sessionStorage.buzzerPermitted takes the value of the box’s checked state. An important thing to note is that sessionStorage items, at the moment, store contain strings. The this.checked returns a boolean value. So that boolean (true or false) will be converted to string value.

// Bind check box to buzzer permission
	$('#checkbox-buzzer').bind('click', function(e) {
		console.log (this.checked);
		sessionStorage.buzzerPermitted = this.checked;

The second piece follows as such. The function ttNotifications.buzz() is called as the clock restarting either manually or by the count down reaching zero. We first check to see if the notification ability exist and if the user has set that as a preference.

var ttNotifications = {
	buzz : function () {
		if (navigator.notification && (sessionStorage.buzzerPermitted == "true")) {
		} else {
			console.log('No buzzer permitted');

Finally, I have to clean up the lexicon here. As implemented now the buzzer doesn’t fire but the preset chime does. This is a work in progress. I will have to update this shortly.